The textile sector continues to be one the leading and most important sectors in the economy of Kahramanmaraş. The sector, going beyond the standards of Turkey, particularly with the acceleration gained in technology and quality, has reached to a level where it can comfortably compete in the global textile markets in terms of technology and quality. 

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In the textile industry, being at the largest sector position of the city, annually 359 thousand tons of yarn, 138 million meters of woven fabric, 49 million meters of denim, 122 thousand tons of knitted fabrics and  22.7 million units of apparel is produced. In addition, 191 thousand tons of dyeing and bleaching operations are carried out.

In this regard, the city, which has become an international center for raw materials, by advancing in the textile industry in its region and the country, is enabling high levels of foreign exchange inflow. Kahramanmaraş, located on the fertile lands of the east Mediterranean Region of Turkey, provides 27% of all the yarn production and 8% of all woven fabrics production of Turkey.

The 26 weaving mills in Kahramanmaraş, has a capacity to manufacture annually 138 million meters of fabric and 49 million meters of denim.  43 companies in the fields of knitting and fabrics, which are the sub-branches of the textile sector, have a production capacity of 122 thousand tons per year.  It is also interesting that 47 companies in the field of carding have the production capacity of 26 thousand tons per year. Other textile related areas of activity in the region consists of dyeing-bleaching factories.

With the textile sector constituting 86 percent of Kahramanmaraş’s exports, in the recent years this has reflected as an increase in its exports up to 800 million dollars. Approximately 270 companies in the city provide service in the fields of textile and garment industry. According to the researches, 55% of the companies operating in the province are small and medium scale, while large-scale companies formed the remaining 45%. In addition, a large fraction, such as 72% of these firms takes place as companies that have a high production technology level. The city, together with the ever-developing textile industry, has a major say with respect to exports.

Businesses that export most of their production continue investing with the income they acquire from these foreign currencies via exports. At the Kahramanmaraş Organized Industrial Site, operations conducted with the aim of contributing to the region’s economy continue. Besides the completion of a 560 million dollar investment in the region, there is also an on-going 200 million dollar new investment taking place. As there is no more vacant lot in the Organized Industrial Site, the construction for a second additional Organized Industrial Site located in the district of Kahramanmaraş-Pazarcık in an area of 532 hectares is being established.

 Kahramanmaraş as the Center of Innovations in Textile

In the recent period attaching great importance to sustainability and signing their name under innovative workings regarding this area, Kahramanmaraş now wants to continue this success which they have achieved in textile also in the production of raw materials. Always being the pioneer of innovations and taking the lead, the textile manufacturers from Kahramanmaraş have broken ground in Turkey and have started producing Better Cotton. Where organic textile production has come into prominence in Kahramanmaraş, in designated pilot areas, cotton production has started to manifest itself.

With the implementation of Better Cotton, the sector not only meets the demands from the international markets, which is recently taking place, but also without being dependent to India, Brazil and Pakistan, via engaging into environment-friendly production, meeting their needs for raw materials to be used in yarn production. Indicating that owing to Better Cotton, both the quality of the cotton produced in Kahramanmaraş would increase and that they would be able to obtain new corners in the markets over the world, the textile manufacturers from Kahramanmaraş in the light of this study also aim for ‘BCI’ (Better Cotton Initiative) to establish an operational unit to be found in Kahramanmaraş. By this means, the actuality of Kahramanmaraş being at the heart of textile will be officially registered. 

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